Life isn't only pipe, steel and software. Sometime you need a little break. This is possible during playing these small games.

I have not programmed these games - but found them on the web. They can be downloaded free from 


We learned lot about Javascript by reading the source.  I hope this can be some enjoying for you as well.

An interesting little JavaScript game where you try to leave only one peg by jumping one over another and removing the 'jumped' peg. Sound easy? See how well you can do!
Try your luck at an interactive game of good old tic-tac-toe!! Automatic scoring and alternating "first moves" are built in. Fun!
See how you do in this wonderful game of skill and logic. Try to move all the disks onto another pole. Thing is, you can only move one disk at a time and you must follow size order (a bigger disk can't go on a smaller disk). Good luck!
A Javascript version of the old favorite Windows Minesweeper game. Search for mines in a grid, assisted by numeric hints, skill, and a smidgeon of good luck.

Best regards

v/Kurt Engelst Kærgaard