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Navisworks NWD and 3D PDF in a PDF Isometric plot

Some times it can be difficult to imagine a pipe just based on an isometric drawing

This tool combines the isometric plot with and NWD file and if you want also a 3D PDF

Your workshop will love this feature

Setup Navisworks Links and Labels

This program takes information from a semicolon separated file (CSV -file) and add these into a NavisWorks

Setup Navisworks Element Properties

If you automatic every day/night generate Nawisworks files from PDMS or E3D in batch mode, and you in the same batch job want to set background, horizon colour and hide element or make other elements invisible - then Plantcon developed a program to do this.

Build a pipe route in Point Cloud

If you need to put a pipe into pointcloud, then this program can help you

Click and view AVI, which shows the application

FTP Project exchange

If you want to exchange data - e. g. PDMS or E3D database files with collaborators or customers regularly and safely - automaticly and mybe during nighttime, then our FTP-PROJECT program can be a solution.

Batch Admin Server

From time to time, there is a job to perform as an administrator in PDMS and E3D, which requires that everyone is out of projects. Examples is DICE or MERGE for a project.

And it will be nice if, for example, if it can happen at night - without having to be present.

Batch drawing update

Updating drawings in E3D Draw or PDMS Draft can be very timeconsuming.

Our batch drawing update programs make it possible for you to use spare license and computers to uddate drawings maybe in the nighttime. You can start as many computers as you want to serve as servers.

E3D/PDMS 3D design into PARAGON

It is much easier to make complicated 3D shapes in E3D or PDMS Design rather than in PARAGON. E.g. panels or extrusions is much easier to make in E3D or PDMS design. But in E3D and PDMS there is no possible way to transfer 3D design elements into PARAGON.

Using our tool you are able to transfer data from E3D/PDMS 3D design into PARAGON - and here you can finalise the catalogue component.

Hoses in E3D and PDMS

You want to make hose in E3D or PDMS as one PCOM. Not as bends or som other funny stuff, but as a PCOM, so you can use the correct Isodraft Symbol


Use our hose program and catalogue. >

Development in PML or C#

Plantcon carry out lot of E3D and PDMS customising and programs for different customers.

See examples here

PLANTCON A/S offer training in E3D and PDMS

If you want a special training courses made to meet your requirements, just ask us. The following training courses is the row of standard courses PLANTCON offer now.

PLANTCON A/S u Druehaven 33 u 7000 Fredericia u Tel: +45 2751 0174

email: kek@plantcon.dk