Batch Admin server


From time to time, there is a job to perform as an administrator in PDMS and E3D, which requires that everyone is out of projects. Examples is DICE or MERGE for a project.

And it will be nice if, for example, if it can happen at night - without having to be present.


Use a Batch server developed from Plantcon.


The package consists of a server program that starts in the background on one or more computers that have E3D or PDMS installed.

Since the two products (PDMS and E3D) start widely different, there are actually two different server programs.

These programs are able to perform the following jobs on the basis of an 'order':

To the package is a monitor to see what tasks are scheduled and another program to order the tasks.

Batchadmin monitor:

Batch job Monitor

As seen from this menu you start and stop servers. This can also be done via other commands, if desired.

Pressing the "Setup Admin Jobs" button gives you a screen to make the order.

Ordre batch Jobs

As seen, in the same image per project, several types of jobs can be ordered. It is the user's own responsibility that there is no coincidence of the tasks.


The price for this product is highly dependent on the installation. It can not be sold as a finished product, but must be developed to suit the individual customer's installation. Therefore, it will be quite difficult to offer a fixed offer in advance, but contact us for an eventual meeting or guess on price.

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